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Internal mobility programs

Friday November 20, 2015 Written by  Retain Canada
Having a strong internal mobility program, whereby employees are encouraged to apply for new roles within an organization, can help with attraction and retention efforts.

Eighty-seven per cent of global respondents to a Futurestep executive survey on internal mobility programs said having a strong program would definitely help with attraction and retention efforts. However, only one-third (33 per cent) report their companies currently have such programs.

Further, nearly one-third of respondents (32 per cent) said employees have to keep their intent to apply for new positions within their company a secret from their current managers.

“Successful internal mobility programs help hiring managers learn about the skills, experiences and aspirations of internal candidates, while employees learn about new roles that will allow them to contribute to the organization in new and different ways,” said David Marzo, Futurestep vice-president and general manager. “This kind of organizational transparency can increase employee engagement and retention while shortening time to productivity and reducing competitive intelligence leakage.”

Finding qualified candidates

Respondents were split on the question of what is more effective in finding qualified job candidates, with 45 per cent favouring searching within the company’s existing employee base and 55 per cent favouring external searches.

“In addition to solid external recruiting efforts, we see internal mobility as one of the keys to success in any recruitment initiative,” said Jeanne MacDonald, Futurestep’s president of global talent acquisition solutions. “In today’s ‘always-on’ highly technical workplace, it’s increasingly difficult to find qualified talent. Giving current employees the opportunity and the mechanisms to reach for new positions will help ensure an effective workforce now and into the future.”

Program delivery

Of those who have internal mobility programs, 40 per cent say it is offered via a dedicated internal mobility portal, and nine percent say it is offered via a dedicated email or newsletter. About three in 10 respondents (29 per cent) report their programs are delivered both ways.

Twenty-two per cent of those surveyed cited some other means of delivering their internal mobility programs.

“When developing these programs, employers should take into consideration the habits of their employees and think creatively about ways to build community and engagement. For example, leveraging outbound content marketing techniques to deliver personalized content which serves as a mechanism to build engagement, promote your internal mobility program and continuously remind employees of the opportunities to further their career,” Marzo said. “As with any candidate experience, it’s critical to meet these internal candidates where they are and make the process as seamless, engaging and accessible as possible.”

In total, 1,189 executives responded to the global survey, which was conducted in September and October.

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