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Engagement on the rise

Wednesday November 26, 2014 Written by 
Employee engagement has reached a high not experienced since 2009, according to a new survey.

Quantum Workplace's fourth annual 2014 Employee Engagement Trends Report revealed that of the 400,000 employees who participated in the Best Places to Work program, 68 per cent ranked as engaged. The report broke down employee engagement by various demographics, including location, industry, gender, age, education level, race/ethnicity, tenure, position level, and department.

Highlights from the report include:
  • Three themes drive overall engagement: positive outlook on the future, confidence in leadership, and commitment to valuing employees.
  • Real estate, construction, and technology were the most engaged industries.
  • Women were slightly less engaged than men and were more driven by security in their personal futures.
  • Professional development was more critical to driving Millennial’s engagement than any other age group.
  • Ninety-one per cent of executives were engaged, compared to only 60 per cent of hourly employees.
  • Employees working in human resources, sales, and marketing were more engaged than any other department.
The 2014 Employee Engagement Trends Report is available for download.

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