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Five retention deal breakers

Tuesday September 09, 2014 Written by 
Money matters but limited opportunities for advancement and poor work-life balance are the top reasons workers walk away from their jobs.

BambooHR surveyed over 1,000 employees in the United States to identify "deal breakers" that would prompt them to seek new employment opportunities. According to the survey, the top five deal breakers are:

  1. Bosses don't trust them
  2. Work expectations during time off
  3. Difficult co-workers
  4. Bosses blame them for mistakes
  5. Work isn't flexible

The survey found that women feel more strongly than men do about these deal breakers. For example, women are less likely to tolerate working during their off hours (29 per cent versus 18 per cent of men), a non-flexible work environment (23 per cent versus 13 per cent of men) and co-workers being promoted faster than they are (14 per cent versus 10 per cent). 

Another key finding from the survey is the fact that beginning at age 45, employees find it more acceptable to be expected to do work on weekends, vacations and after hours.

Other situations that annoy employees in the workplace include:

  • Management is less aware of the industry than the employee and/or their team (82 per cent)
  • Lack of recognition (82 per cent)
  • Co-workers being promoted faster than the surveyed employee (78 per cent)
  • Subpar benefits offered by the employer (74 per cent)

Click here to view BambooHR's infographic of the survey results.

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